Optimal Tinted Complexion Cream protects and cares for demanding skin during the day.


Stress factors such as wind and sun, dust and dirt, are reduced and initial wrinkles plus signs of fatigue are optically concealed.


Particularly high-quality color pigments care for and protect the skin. The gentle tinting imparts the freshness of youthful skin whilst small wrinkles caused by dryness are optically concealed as if regarded through a soft focus lens.


Optimal Tinted Complexion Cream is easy to distribute and retains the skin's natural radiance throughout the entire day.

Optimal Tinted Complexion Cream (Medium) 50ml

SKU: 0011
  • Evenly distribute Optimal Tinted Complexion Cream over the face, including the eye area, after cleansing.


    Tip: Also ideal as a foundation for make-up. The available color pigments provide subsequent make-up with a better hold.