Special, high-coverage camouflage cream.


The camouflage concept from JANSSEN COSMETICS is the perfect optical solution for skin problems. It serves to balance out skin blemishes and provide perfect optical concealment for skin problems and anomalies.

Perfect Cover Cream 5ml

SKU: C-840
  • Apply Perfect Cover Cream onto skin which has been carefully cleansed and moisturized. The creamy consistency melts on contact with the skin and can be worked in well using the fingertips. A moistened make-up sponge is also very suitable for use as an applicator.


    Tip: Perfect Cover Cream colours 01 and 02 are outstanding concealers for rings around the eyes. Siply pat the cover cream over the dark eye area using your fingertip. If your skin is dehydrated, use an eye cream beforehand.


    Perfect Cover Cream colours 05 and 06 are great for accentuating your cheeks. Simply apply a little cover cream along the arc of the cheeckbone like a cream blusher.