Gentle yet effective cream with fruit acids for oily blemished skin, it helps to shed skin of dead cells, reducing blackheads and refining pores.


  • Activates natural skin rejuvenation
  • Refines the pore structure
  • Provides moisture
  • Helps to fight against existing spots and skin blemishes
  • Light texture
  • Quickly absorbed
  • Pleasant fresh scent
  • Also suitable for more mature skin

AHA Face Cream 50ml

SKU: 4421
  • Apply to the face after cleansing and allow it to work. Use preferably in the evenings.

    Note: During the day, be careful when exposing skin to UV-sunlight. Janseen Cosmetics Face Guard Advanced is recommended.

    Tip: Ideal in combination with Microsilver Serum, to be used in the following sequence:

    1. Microsilver Serum

    2. AHA Face Cream