Retinol Lift works to fight against fine lines and wrinkles, improves skin elasticity and gives you a fresh, even complexion. Each individual capsule contains a highly effective combination of retinol and vitamin E acetate for pampering the skin, all embedded in a formula of valuable oils.


Retinol is one of the longest used and best studied active ingredients for anti-aging. It may assist in promoting the production of new skin cells, stimulate collagen formation and regenerate minor skin damage caused by UV radiation.

Retinol Lift

    • Apply Retinol Lift in the evening before the respective care cream.
    • Twist or cut the capsule neck to open it. Squeeze the contents out of the capsule and spread over the skin using your fingertips. Pay special attention to lines and wrinkles and gently massage into the skin.
    • For external use only.
    • Do not use directly under the eyes or on the eyelids.
    • Do not use in combination with other retinoid products.
    • Some people may experience a slight tingling sensation or reddening of the skin after using retinol products. This is normal and indicates that the product is working. If prefered, can wait a few days between applications to give the skin time to get used to the product. Discontinue use if symptoms are severe or persistent.

    In addition to your daily evening application, we recommend that you use Face Guard Advanced during the day to protect the skin against UV radiation.