Keep your hands and face rejuvenated while you sleep! 


The Rejuvenating Mask strengthens facial contours and provides soothing relaxation and revitalises dull, tired skin in just a few minutes.


Apply Goodnight Hand Mask before bed and allow to work in overnight, you'll wake up with hands that are soft to the touch! 



Rejuvenating Mask & Goodnight Hand Mask

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  • Rejuvenating Mask: Apply the Rejuvenating Mask generously to the cleansed skin two to three times a week. Leave on for 10-15 minutes and remove the residue with a moist, warm flannel – then follow your usual care routine.

    Goodnight Hand Mask: Apply to cleansed hands in the evening; you may also wear a cotton glove and leave on overnight. Also works well as a daily SOS aid.