Stimulating shower peeling. Reveals smooth new skin and offers a pleasantly fresh fragrance. 


  • “2-in-1” product (shower gel and peeling) for intensive skin cleansing
  • Dead skin cells, hornification and blackheads are removed
  • Perceptibly smoothes the body's skin
  • The circulation is pleasantly activated
  • Acts to combat “rough skin”
  • Ideal preparation for intensive body care

Oxygenating Body Scrub 200ml

SKU: 7000
  • Distribute Oxygenating Body Scrub over the moist body skin during bathing/ showering and massage forcefully as far as is individually comfortable. Give particular consideration to hornified areas of skin such as the elbows, knees and heels. Wash peeling residues off thoroughly under the shower or with compresses.


    Tip: Self-bronzing products achieve a particularly beautiful and even skin tone if body peeling is carried out beforehand.

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