Melafadin Toner is indispensable for a fresh and even complexion.


The facial tonic prepares the skin and helps to inhibit the occurrence of dark flecks through highly-active plant extracts. This promotes even skin and revives the complexion.


  • Refreshing tonic for brightening the skin
  • Leaves the skin feeling completely clean
  • For more even and finer-pored skin
  • Effective start to skin brightening
  • Skin-friendly pH value

Melafadin Toner 100ml

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  • Pour Melafadin Toner onto a cotton wool pad and stroke gently over the skin after cleansing.


    Tip: Melafadin Toner is outstandingly suitable for working Melafadin Cleansing Powder into a foam. Using a brush, simply mix the tonic and cleansing powder in a bowl until foamy.