Highly-effective serum for intensive care of cellulite-prone skin. Lifts and smoothes. With immediately perceptible freshness effect. Contains plant-based cellulite active substance complex and ESP (elastin-stimulating peptides).

Cellulite Contour Formula 150ml

SKU: 7800
  • Apply Cellulite Contour Formula onto the problem areas and massage in after cleansing the body with Oxygenating Body Scrub. The individual areas of skin can be “plucked” between the thumb and index finger, and can be gently pulled away from the muscles wherever possible. Carry this so-called “plucking massage” out systematically from the knees and thighs to the bottom and hips.


    Note: The metabolism-activating effect may lead to a sensation of cold/heat. This is completely normal and not to be classified as an intolerability. Please do not use immediately following depilation. Please avoid contact with the eyes and mucous membranes. Wash your hands after applying.