This intensively moisturising “skincare caviar” provides a luxury skin care experience. Enriched with precious caviar extract, algae extracts and hyaluron, this serum provides valuable moisture, leaving the skin immediately looking smoother, firmer and younger. 

Caviar Pearl Elixir 28ml

SKU: 991.0094
  • Press lightly on the dispenser and the pearls open and melt into the transparent gel texture, forming a unique care formula. The caviar extract provides the skin with nutrients and protects it from free radicals. Small molecule hyaluronic acid works together with the red algae extract as a collagen booster, improving the skin’s elasticity and optimising moisture balance. 

    • Caviar extract: Rich in amino acids, vitamins and lipids. Protects the skin from free radicals and provides it with nutrients and moisture
    • Small molecule hyaluronic acid: Long-term moisturising effect; penetrates the deeper layers of the skin; stimulates “tight junctions” to strengthen the skin’s cohesiveness and reduce TEWL (transepidermal water loss), increases procollagen 1 synthesis (* in vitro test)
    • Marine polysaccharides: Carrageen and alginate are made of red and brown algae and form a moisturising, protective film on the skin
    • Red algae extract (Calliblepharis jubata extract): Rich in sulfated galactans and active starch, soothes the skin and stimulates collagen synthesis (* in vitro test: collagen synthesis increased by 72%)
    • Glycerin: A cosmetic all-rounder. Alongside its pronounced hydrophilic effect, it noticeably promotes skin elasticity