Balancing Skin Complex contains a natural astringent. Regular application results in a more even and finely structured skin profile with significantly reduced pores.


After applying Balancing Skin Complex daily for just a few weeks, the application frequency can be reduced to a few times per week.


  • The skin profile is left looking fresh and silky-matte again
  • Effectively prevents blemishes
  • Reduces and normalizes sebum gland activity
  • Refines the pore structure
  • Ensures particularly clear skin.


This product contains marine ingredients. 

Balancing Skin Complex 30ml

SKU: 6630
  • Distribute over the oily areas of the face and neckline in the morning and/or evening after cleansing with Gentle Cleansing Powder, massage in gently and allow to work in for a few minutes. Then apply Balancing Cream on top.


    Tip: As soon as the oily sheen on the skin is reduced, continuing treatment is recommended to maintain success. In this case, application 1 -2 times per week (1 x daily) is sufficient.

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