Anti-Pollution Cream is a protective care cream for day and night use perfect for sensitive skin.


The intensive formula contains effective anti-oxidative active substances that strengthen the skin’s resistance to environmental pollutants such as contaminated air, ozone and UV radiation and restores its natural barrier function.


This remarkable formulation effectively alleviates irritation, and hydrates and improves skin density.


If used regularly, Anti-Pollution Cream will leave skin noticeably smoother, more elastic and more resilient.

Anti-Pollution Cream 50ml

SKU: 2221
  • Apply and gently massage Anti-Pollution Cream into the cleansed skin of your face and the area above your neckline regularly in the morning and/or night.


    Tip: Ideally, Anti-Pollution Cream should be used in combination with our Pro-Immune Serum. While our Pro-Immune Serum is designed to stabilise the skin’s immune cells, our Anti-Pollution Cream protects it from negative external influences. If your skin is particularly sensitive or exposed to increased levels of UV radiation, Anti-Pollution Cream can be used in combination with Face Guard Advanced. In this case, we recommend the following application sequence:

    1. Pro-Immune Serum
    2. Face Guard Advanced
    3. Anti-Pollution Cream