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3 things you need to STOP doing if you have sensitive skin

Sensitive skin is hard to deal with. You may have stinging, burning, redness and dryness as a result of using make up or skincare products. Sometimes, all you do is have a warm shower, and it looks like your cheeks are on fire!

If you do have sensitive skin, there’s no guarantee you can completely avoid these reactions, however, there are some key things you can do, that may help minimise them.

1. Stop over exfoliating

One of the worst things you can do for sensitive skin is to use an abrasive scrub. There are so many mixed messages about exfoliating available online. You need to stop buying into the exfoliation hype, and start paying attention to the way your skin feels.

Think about it, if you have an open wound on your hand that’s sore and irritated, the last thing you would do is scrub it, OUCH! The logical thing to do is to use products to help heal it first.

The sore, irritated skin on your face is no different, and in fact is even more delicate than the skin on your hands, so why would you even think about scrubbing it.

2. Stop over washing

Using any kind of harsh cleanser with hot water will strip the skins barrier. Instead, use a mild cleansing cream morning and night, with cool water to gently remove dirt and make up. Pat your face dry, don’t rub with a towel, and use a cream that will help heal your skin.

3. Stop using products with known irritants

Try to eliminate or find alternatives for products you know irritate your skin. These can be found in skin and hair products, washing powders, body creams and body washes. Some common irritants to look out for include hair dyes, preservatives and fragrances. Don’t be deceived by products that claim to be organic, like essential oils. These can still cause your skin to flare up.

Be patient and gentle with your sensitive skin, and make sure you invest in quality products that are specially designed to heal and hydrate.

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